Sunday, June 13, 2010

Father's Day Gift Crisis in CT!

“Dear LilacGal, Help!” read the very first email to Hot Gifts for Cool Giving, that came in last night.  “I’ve been watching your new Gifts and Giving blog come together, I like that you’re trying to emphasize the Cool Giving part of celebrations, not just the Gifts - but I can’t wait any longer, we’ve got a Gift Crisis here, and we need your help!

Our Dad, a Navy Veteran, is getting out of Rehab the day before Father’s Day, and I and my two brothers want his Father’s Day to be perfect from beginning to end.  He’ll be weak, but fine, so we’re inviting his Navy buddy, who lives in an Assisted Living near here, and a few neighbors, plus us, our adult “kids” and all Dad’s great-grandchildren, so it’ll be a big Homecoming celebration, not just Father’s Day.  Can you help us plan the whole day, with gifts the great-grandkids can give, as well as a big family gift that he can enjoy all summer? We’re counting on you!"  CeeCee in CT

What a glorious challenge, to plan the Gifts AND the Giving for the whole day!  I tossed the notes I was going to use for my first blog post in a file drawer, and emailed for more details about this Dad.  (That’s Hot Tip #1: Don’t think “GIFT”; Think “What makes the person receiving this gift feel fulfilled? Hobbies? Passing on personal values? Making a difference? How?” Then get personal details, or include them if you want advice.) Turns out, this Dad loves to relive his service in the Navy; adores his 4 great-grandsons and wants to bring something special to each of their lives, used to be an avid reader but can’t see small or even standard large print anymore; loves the outdoors but shouldn’t be in the sun. Oh, and he’s still a big steak and potatoes man.

Long story short, we settled on a Navy Father's Day theme, as a way of involving the whole family including great-grandsons ages 4 to 12, in the fun. Fortunately one of CeeCee’s brothers is also retired from the Navy, so in addition to ordering the gifts, the family has mobilized to carry out what to them are familiar Navy-related details: Heroic hat for the Admiral of the Fleet, Navy jackets for the boys, opening Flag ceremony, military band music, a neighborhood Open House Barbecue, followed by showings of “Victory at Sea” in the afternoon for any and all who want to see both Allied and Japanese footage of the Great War in the Pacific Theatre while the kids enjoy the pool. (Great Grandpa will be helping the oldest boys build a Navy Destroyer to set sail on those high seas.)

Here are the Hot Gifts For Dad:

Big Family Gift Choices -

1.) Weber 3770001 Genesis S-310 LP Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
 This meets all the most important criteria on the Consumer Reports Gas Grill Buying Video, yet it is in the mid range, and there's quite a savings on it (up to $150 plus free SuperSaver shipping) at Amazon as compared with other sites and stores where this grill is sold.      

2.) Bone Leather Like Cushion Swivel Recliner
Dad will come home to supreme but practical comfort with this chair, offered by Amazon at a savings of $149.01, or 37%.  It's easy to turn this recliner to face any direction in the room, the ottoman folds away to save space when not in use, and the leather like material feels cool in summer, warm in winter. 

3.) Carson DR-200 ezRead Digital Reader, 7.5x Magnification Electronic -
Dad can see all the books, magazines, newspapers and color photos in his library at the magnification he needs on his TV screen, not just in standard large print. Helpful for those with macular degeneration and other vision problems.

 4.) Coolaroo 10 Foot Round Cantilever Freestanding Patio Umbrella, Mocha
To let Dad enjoy the outdoors safely with guests and family, this 10 foot umbrella with its smooth crank lift has unique Coolaroo knitted fabric, providing up to 90% UV block which allows the cover to 'breathe', reducing temperatures underneath by up to 32%. The fabric resists mold and mildew, is easy to clean, and has a five year warranty against UV degradation.

Naval Theme Gifts for Special Father's Day -

Hat for the Admiral of the Fleet

Proud Child of a Member of the US Navy Yout Zippered Hooded Jacket

United States Navy Flag

First US Navy Flag

Served With Pride Navy Flag


USS Arizona Battleship Kit
This proud ship, the USS Arizona (above), remains synonymous with America's entry into World War II. On December 7, 1941, 1,177 men went down with her. This kit has 133 pieces molded in color, 12 elevating 14" cannon in 4 rotating turrets, and full light armament, including 5" and 1.1" AA guns and a 10.5" turret cannon. The planking and plate detail is finely engraved. The ship has complete deck fittings, including searchlights, motor launches and whaleboats, rangefinders, ladders, cranes, and tripod masts with observation nests.
 The oldest great-grandsons will join their grandfather and great-grandfather in assembling this historic battleship.

Mega Bloks - Probuilder Navy Destroyer (Above, right)
For those who want to make a model of one of the Navy's latest ships, check out this Navy Destroyer, an updated 545-piece battleship designed with military naval styling, which has real working armaments that shoot firing missiles.

US Navy Monopoly
Lots of fun for the evening or in case of rain, this game board features the most essential U.S. Navy-related assets in history.

Music For Honors and Ceremonies
CeeCee's family is setting sail for one fabulous Father's Day Homecoming, full of ceremony, barbecue fun for all - and for the children, a time to learn about U.S. history and their great-grandfather's part in it. Hot Gifts, yes, but all with the Spirit and Style of Giving wrapped right in.

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